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Arduino PWM Interrupt Clock

Using the milli() function in order to do accurate timing on the Arduino doesn’t work because it shares the same priority in code execution as any other code. I wrote a blog post that talks about using PWM and an … Continue reading

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Latest Video (showing in game play on the Xbox 360 on the big screen):

Also me demo’ing on the “Show & Tell” with Amanda and Limor from Adafruit: I start at the halfway point on the video

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Headtracker new video with actual gameplay

My latest demo video of the IR Cam Headtracker: This is actually not the latest version of the controller software.  I have made a few revisions since posting this on youtube that eliminates some of the jerky movements and gets rid … Continue reading

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Netduino Mini “Enigma” board

I finally got a chance to solder the rest of what I am calling my “Enigma” board. It is basically a Netduino mini with USB for both power and debugging, and Xbee for communication. I made it as the receiver … Continue reading

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Ive been reading the Getting Started with the Internet of Things as i got started with the Netduinos. They are really great because the minis are super small and the Netduino Plus has the cat5 jack so it has simple web interaction basically built in.  I say “simple” because if you understand HTTP, and think about this as a micro device, this is powerful.


right now i have the netduino set to just send an http PUT to my pachube feed. is a service for microcontrollers. Its a great free service (as long as your posts dont happen faster than their 12 second limit) and has a decent API. I set up the feed in basically 1 minute, and it only has 2 parts: the humidity and the temperature. you can see the feed here:  

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IRCam Headtracking with the FEZ Mini and Xbee demo (WinForm visualization)

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Gainspan Wifi breakout board for my humidor

Got the gainspan wifi breakout the other day. I am planning on using a simple serial connection with it to post my humidor data to a webservice (maybe for now). had some initial issues with the serial communication but … Continue reading

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got my saleae logic analyzer today

And I must say its pretty awesome, seems unthinkable how fast these things work. The logic me to see the data, capture and measured

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Welcome to my FEZ Domino Project blog.  I will be regularly posting updates to the FEZ projects I will be working on.  Right now I am concentrating on the Compass module to give my final FEZ Pathfinder a sense of … Continue reading

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