Kinect Minority Report using the Kinect V1 Sensor

This is a fairly simple Visual Studio project written in C# uses the Kinect V1 and the Kinect SDK to simulate the media manipulation tool used by the movie “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise. Here the scene taken from the movie where they are showing this high tech investigation tool of the future:

My version (top video on page) is using the Kinect SDK and the V1 Sensor, with both hand and audio controls. When I say a programmed command (move, scale, rotate, picture, video or stop) the software loads an image or the video feed. Stop command will actually stop paying attention to your movements until the next command is called. The code also pays attention to my hands for moving and rotating.  You can see the red and green box indicate whether the camera can see that my hands are up. Put them up and the camera tacks them, one color block shows for each hand.

My GitHub repo for this project is here:

the older, original video:

2 Responses to Kinect Minority Report using the Kinect V1 Sensor

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  2. Michael Raveling says:

    I thought this was awesome. Do you have the code for this posted anywhere? Any way I could contact you?

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