Drone Video Projects

Moszna Castle, Poland


Cruz Bay, St. John

The Vue Building, Charlotte

Charlotte Skyline in 4K

Charlotte lab School:

I was testing the Phantom 3 Pro 4k camera with my first run at doing a waypoint path that contained 22 points. The first point was further from my start point so it kind of jumps at the beginning, but the rest is a nice smooth path.

Phantom 3 Pro Waypoint video:

The video has the drone going to the edge of the soccer field near my house.  When I got to the 200 altitude I turn towards the field and attempt to make long straight shots with the field centered in the shot the whole time.  I spent a whole battery just to store the 22 points, setting the appropriate camera angle at each point.

This is the Drone I am using:


This is a video I did for a Rooftop Yoga event my friends were doing:

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