Wiimote Headtracking for Xbox360

Used the wii controller communicating over bluetooth with a laptop. The laptop converts the IR points on the head unit and then communicates again over bluetooth with the FEZ Domino that has a special digital potentimeter that mimics the joystick movements on the controller. What this does is allows the user to make left and right movements of their head turn the fps visual angles left and right. The user controls their viewpoint in the game by simply tilting their head one way or another.

FEZ headtracking controller

here is a video of me demoing its functionality:

    hardware you can see the shot that are all needed:

  • wii controller mounted on a tripod
  • laptop with bluetooth module (usb)
  • FEZ Domino with bluetooth module
  • special board (made by me) with the digital potentiometer and switches
  • hacked controller
  • software for the laptop (winform)
  • sofware for the FEZ (.NETMF)

This project was initially from Johnny Lee’s amazing TED Talk on using a Wiimote to make an electronic whiteboard here:

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