Headtracking with the Xbox 360 using Netduino’s and a Wiimote Camera

Current Headtracking Project

Here is the latest video of my Headtracking project. This project now uses 3 High Powered IR LED’s to form a triangle that is seen by the IR Camera mounted above the TV as described in the video. The camera module makes some calculations on the shape of the triangle in order to determine what direction you are looking. It then takes that “orientation” of your head and sends it over Xbee to the Netduino mini attached to the controller. In effect aiming the character in the game by turning your head left of right.

older versions of the hardware
An earlier view of the project when I had just removed the IR cam from the wiimote, skipping the issues with the laptop and bluetooth. Communicates directly with the controllers microprocessor over Zigbee. Sould be significantly faster and allow for the more intelligent head movements without the need for recovery movements (more on that later).

Previous Headtracking Project

Previous Headtracking Project

Original headtracking project with wiimote and laptop – used johnny lee library for communicating with the wiimote using a laptop over bluetooth. This was my first attempt at a headtracking project and it uncovered a whole bunch of possible isses, but allowed me to learn enough to get to my second idea at the headtracking project.

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