The Curry Family Lithophane

I made another Lithophane for some good friends that came over this weekend (the Curry’s). I took the photo on my phone with them in the backyard and cropped it down and added their name on top. It is printed in white on my UP Plus 2 and turned out pretty great (3.5 hours print time).

3D Printed Lithophane

3D Printed Lithophane

Here is the original photo, for comparison. I added their name and the hole at the top to the orginal image that allows for easy mounting of the Lithophane in a window. I think lithophanes always look their best with natural light shining through.

Original Photo

This is what it looks like hanging in a window with a suction cup hanger. I think it turned out really well and am glad I was able to make this for our friends to show off their new family.

In the window

In the window

For more info on Lithophanes, check out the Wikipedia page that explains their history:

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