3D Printed Custom Tripod Mount for Galaxy S5 and IPhone

I enjoy doing videos for my blog using my phone because it makes it very easy to post them to YouTube or Google Plus. The video quality on my Galaxy S5 is excellent at 1080p and the color balance and contrast make for great videos, but what was really missing was a tripod screw hole to secure it and record from a decent angle.

I decided that I could design and 3D print one that could take a standard tripod mounting screw, and could have the phone easily click in and out. After I finished the design to work with my Galaxy S5, I designed and printed ones for an IPhone 5S and IPhone 4S (the only other phones we had in the house). PLEASE NOTE: The designs are specific to the individual phones and are not universal, if you are printing one yourself make sure you are grabbing the right file or it will not fit your phone. I would also suggest printing these exclusively in ABS, since I found the sizing of printed PLA and ABS turn out to be different.

Galaxy S5 Tripod Mount
Galaxy S5 Tripod Mount

Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5 Skyscraper Mount (STL)
Galaxy S5 Skyscraper Mount (SKP SketchUp Design File)

Galaxy S5 Tripod Mount
Galaxy S5 Tripod Mount

This is what the 3D printed part lying on its side. It has a slot that fits the standard nut with 1/4 inch threading (tripod mount screw size). My UP Plus 2 is an amazing printer, you can see the quality of the print in this photo.

Galaxy S5 Tripod Mount

On the left is the SketchUp display showing measured phone to aid in getting the measurements of the design right. I wanted to do the measurements myself instead of relying on the specs. On the right is the STL file loaded in my 3D printing software (for the Up Plus 2), notice how it is printed so that the layers are running from top to bottom to allow the design to be strong even while flexed.

IPhone 5S
My wife has an IPhone 5S, so I measured and designed one that would fit her phone as well. I though that if I was going to put up the design for the Galaxy S5, that I should try and get a few other designs as well, since not everyone has a GS5. This one I printed in translucent which appears like a clear/white color here.

IPhone 5S Skyscraper Mount (STL)
IPhone 5S Skyscraper Mount (SKP)

IPhone 5S Tripod Mount
IPhone 5S Tripod Mount

IPhone 5S Tripod Mount
IPhone 5S Tripod Mount

IPhone 4S
I also had an IPhone 4S on hand and decided it would be worth designing and posting the designs for the 4S in case anyone wanted to print one for their phone. I printed this one in black to show that it is different than the IPhone 5S shown above.

IPhone 4S Skyscraper Mount (STL)
IPhone 4S Skyscraper Mount (SKP)

This video shows how easy it is to click the phone in and out of the mount, while maintaining a secure hold. Just press the top tab up and the phone comes out. Click it into place to lock it in position.

If you have your own 3D printer or use services like Ponoko or Shapeways you are free to use this design (or modify it to fit your needs). I did price it out though, and it was $93 on Ponoko (yikes!) or $35 on Shapeways. I have plenty of plastic right now and my printer prints better than most, so if you would like one of these designs printed on my UP Plus 2 I would be happy to do it for a nominal fee ($25) plus shipping. For now it is only for the Galaxy S5, IPhone 5S/4S because those are the only phones I have to verify that the sizes and fit will work as expected.

If you are interested or have any questions about the design or 3D printing in general just leave me a comment here, or contact me on Google+ here:

Thanks for looking!

2 Responses to 3D Printed Custom Tripod Mount for Galaxy S5 and IPhone

  1. Matt Raff says:

    Nice designs. I have been needing a device like this forever and have just gotten a 3D printer. I adapted the design for a Galaxy S5 inside an Otter Box Defender case, scaling it up, based on your S5 model’s differences in size with the specified S5 dimensions online. Do you have any recommendations for other changes, given the larger size, varying width, and raised chamfered edges around what used to be the flat surface of the phone’s screen?

  2. james wolf says:

    Thanks for the comment. My advice is simple, make sure you start with a set of digital calipers and measure the otter box with the phone in it. Cut away all the parts of the design other than the parts that wrap around the phone itself (no tripod mount, just the “C” shape itself). Make your changes to widen the design to match the otter box’s measurements and print just the simple C shape and test it on the phone. I did several iterations on the design by printing them out, testing them on the phones and then making changes on the design. Each time I was working more towards a perfect design. After a few prints (which is cheap now that you have a 3D printer) the final designs measurements can be added back to the original. Do notice in the design that the top edge is over-sized (for easy removal) and the inside edges are rounded on the bottom (for easy “pop-in”). Also pay attention to how you are laying the design on the print bed so that the layers are running vertically (if you are holding the mount in the position it stands on the tripod) to improve its strength. Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense. Good luck Matt!

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