Structure Sensor Pistol Grip for Hacker Cable

I got the Structure Sensor to do 3D scans with my Macbook. The “Hacker Cable” meant that it easily plugged into USB, but I was having issues trying to find some way to grip the device while walking around someone doing a scan. Laptop in one hand meant that I was basically holding the device with 2 fingers while waving it around. I needed something better, so I designed a “Pistol Grip” for the Structure Sensor.

The “Pistol Grip” is made specifically for the Structure Sensor. It has a 2mm groove that runs across the face plate and four 1mm screw holes that fit the screws that come with the “Hacker Cable” version of the Sensor. The design also has a 4mm slot that runs down one side of the grip and fits the cable nicely so that the cable wont get caught on your hand or pulled loose.

The Sensor attaches easily to the front, with just 4 screws. The cable slides into the slot and runs down the grip as shown in the pictures below.

The files were designed in the free version of Sketchup(my favorite 3D design program). I measured it so it fits comfortably in my hand.

You can download and print one yourself. Either grab the STL file (works with most printing software and print services) or rework the design yourself if you download
Sketchup. Both are available to download from my Google Drive folder without license, free for all.

STL file:

SKP (SketchUp Design file):

Structure Sensor Pistol Grip

8 Responses to Structure Sensor Pistol Grip for Hacker Cable

  1. Zenbiker says:

    Nice design, much needed, thanks!

  2. Zenbiker says:

    Add: will be printing mine tomorrow , can’t wait to finish new iPad mount and share with everyone.

  3. thomas Wagner says:

    Hi james how to buy a usb hacker cable


  4. Ian Fowler says:

    that hacker cable costs too much, you can only get it from occipital….$39.00 + fedex international shipping add $50.00 + the exchange rate, all up $120.00 new Zealand for a usb cable lol

  5. thwagnercfc says:

    Thanks, did you know a. German, or European Reseller

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