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.NET Application Developer mostly, but I mess around in many other technologies as well. I also spend a lot of time messing with Arduino, Netduino, SparkCore and Raspberry Pi projects.

Arduino NFC Validator

A developer friend at work who knew that I worked on Arduinos was asked me if I wanted to build a part for a factory process they were trying to improve. A friend of his had an Injection Molding company … Continue reading

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Voice Controlled Ambient Lighting with Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled, web-connected device that does basic functionality (like timers, weather, news, music), but you can also write your own “skills” for it in Node.js. Your Node.js code runs via AWS Lambda, and you can include … Continue reading

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Run your AWS Empire using $9 CHIP computer and AWS Shell

I participated in the kickstarter for the CHIP microcontroller because I liked the add-on PocketChip screen and keyboard interface. I knew it didn’t really have a desktop or browser, but it had the powerhouse linux terminal… (more)

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Sparkcore SmartGarage with OLED and 3D printed case controlled by Pebble Smartwatch

Published a new complete breakdown of using the SparkCore as a “Smart Garage” device. It uses the RESTful interface of the Sparkcore to make AJAX requests on the button press events on a custom Pebble.js application running on my Pebble … Continue reading

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ESP8266 with the Arduino Micro

I decided to do a writeup on what I have learned so far on making an IOT device using the ESP8266 and the Arduino Micro. The full blog post with pictures, video and the code on Github is here:

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Raspberry Pi High Definition Photobooth

Wrote as descriptive post on creating the Raspberry Pi Photobooth project featured on the Adafruit Show & Tell. I also submitted the project to the Make Magazine: Make the Shot Camera Challenge (make sure you vote for me next week) … Continue reading

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The SparkCore is Awesome

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