Headtracker new video with actual gameplay

My latest demo video of the IR Cam Headtracker:

This is actually not the latest version of the controller software.  I have made a few revisions since posting this on youtube that eliminates some of the jerky movements and gets rid of all the mismatched Bytes (coming from the camera).  The end results is a lot smoother than you see here.  Right now I am working on putting the Max Power IR LED’s into the headset in the hopes that I can extend the distance between the headset and the camer (right now my max distance is ~1 meter, and i need it to work as well at 2 meteres for larger TV’s).

About james wolf

.NET Application Developer mostly, but I mess around in many other technologies as well. I also spend a lot of time messing with Arduino, Netduino, SparkCore and Raspberry Pi projects.
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