Gainspan Wifi breakout board for my humidor

Got the gainspan wifi breakout the other day. I am planning on using a simple serial connection with it to post my humidor data to a webservice (maybe for now). had some initial issues with the serial communication but that started with me having the wrong docs and attempting to issue commends for a different device 🙂

Now it seems to be making sense and I am able to see external Wifi routers in my neighborhood. I can see why google used them for approximate positioning, since they all have a unique value associated.  Havent quite connected to one yet, but I just havent gotten that far. Want to make sure that I have a clear understanding of how this thing works before I move into uncharted territory.

The Saleae Logic Analyzer has been critical here. It allows me to see the serial data down to the byte level and can even interpret the data, so I know what these devices are actually saying.  Its almost like a 2-way debug, but at a much deeper level.

About james wolf

.NET Application Developer mostly, but I mess around in many other technologies as well. I also spend a lot of time messing with Arduino, Netduino, SparkCore and Raspberry Pi projects.
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2 Responses to Gainspan Wifi breakout board for my humidor

  1. Andy says:


    Just wondered if you have any sample code of how to use the gainspan wifi module with a netduino?

    Many thanks


  2. Andy,
    I had some initial trouble getting the gainspan to work because the one I had didnt have a way to connect with the antenna I made. I moved all of the Wifi testing I was doing to the Arduino (with the Adafruit CC3000 breakout board and the Sparkcore board). I like the Sparkcore board best, it is basically an Arduino and a Wifi on a single chip. I know thats not really helpful, sorry.

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