Reporting Humidor

The idea of a reporting humidor is to have a device that will record and update its temperature and humidity values. This is import because it allows a humidor to be a device that can guarantee that you can know when it has slipped outside of its appropriate range. The goal is that if the humidor has reached levels that are unacceptable that it will reach out (either by text message or email) and inform you of the issue. It will also allow for a constant track of where the levels have been over time.

this is the device:

This is the software (winform app) running on a laptop. It communicated with the device using Xbee radios (zigbee). the laptop also has a Xbee radio connected with a USB cable. It listens on the COM port and simply updates the values and adds each reading to the graph.

here is the current device feed on Pachube:

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