3D Printed Flat-Bottom Case for the Arduino

I spend a lot of time working on Arduino’s and found that I was constantly scratching up the wood surfaces in my house (coffee table and desk) because of the pins located on the bottom.  What I needed to do was make a simple “case” that wrapped the bottom surface and locked in place but left spaces for the USB and power socket while keeping the top open for prototyping.

I took a couple of measurements with my digital calipers (everyone working on 3D printing should have a set) and fired up my favorite modeling tool: SketchUp.  It took one test print to work out the best placement for the pegs, and get the underside pin height right.  After that I just loaded up the black ABS and printed it in just over an hour.  Now I can program my Arduino’s while sitting on the couch and not drive me wife crazy by scratching her nice coffee table.  Another WIN for 3D Printing!

If you are interested the files are available on my Google Drive license free. You can modify the design and use it for your own stuff:

SKP File (SketchUp design file)

STL File (for 3D printing)

If you use the file (or have changes to suggest) please leave a comment or contact me on Google Plus here:




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